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Friday, June 6, 2008

How To Set Up Your New Aquarium

By Jamie Boyle

Now that your done choosing your new aquarium you can now learn how to set up your aquarium. Here I will give you a complete guide on what you should do in step by step format in setting up your new fish tank.

Setting Up Your New Aquarium Fish Tank

1. Find the right spot for your aquarium which should try not to be right in front of windows which can cause algae problems to occur.

2. Place your aquarium stand in the spot where your fish tank will be. Check to see that your floor is level as you may need to make some adjustments so the water won't go to one side when filling your aquarium.

3. Now that you've found the right spot for you new aquarium, placed your aquarium stand in the right spot, now pick up and place your tank on the stand. Re-check to make sure level.

4. If your going to be putting up a background picture on the back of your aquarium now is the time to do it. The background pictures can be purchased at any local pet store and is usually sold by the foot. Attach the picture to your aquarium.

5. Clean the inside of your aquarium to make sure no harmful residue that could have gotten inside the tank while at the store. Give it a good rinse with cold water. Some people suggest using water and baking soda to clean your tank. Never use household chemicals on your aquarium ever, it can kill your fish.

6. Now your aquarium is all cleaned you will need to add aquarium gravel to your tank. Rinse the aquarium gravel.

7. Place the gravel inside your aquarium.

8. Now fill your your tank with freshwater almost to the top of the aquarium.

9. Install the aquarium filter. You can get a canister filter or you can use one that attaches to the back of your aquarium. The AquaClear filter systems work pretty good and easy to clean.

10. Now that your filter is hooked up and running you will need an aquarium pump to add oxygen to the water. Oxygen helps everything in an aquarium. You may want to get some extra airline tubing and a 3 or 4 way splitter or valves to have bubbles coming up in various places in your tank, especially if your going to add aquarium ornaments.

11. If your keeping tropical fish in your aquarium you will need to hook up your aquarium heater to your tank. Please adjust temperature to the proper temperature that the fish species prefer that you will be adding to your new tank.

12. Now that your equipment is hooked up now you can look at decorating your aquarium. Add some aquarium ornaments, rocks, lava stone and even add some artificial aquarium plants or some live aquarium plants as well. Live plants for an aquarium are the best as they help filter the water as well taken away harmful toxins from the water and making them grow. Place them where you want and consider adding some aquarium driftwood to give your aquarium a natural look.

13. Now that you have most everything complete add the aquarium light or canopy onto your tank. If you will have live plants in your aquarium you will need a grow bulb specifically for plants.

14. The last thing you will need to do is add the proper water treatments to the water to make it safe for your fish. Add some AquaPlus conditioner to the water to remove heavy metals and take away the chlorine from the water. Also add some beneficial bacteria to your tank. This will get the nitrogen cycle to begin working and help get some beneficial bacteria to start colonies on filter media and rocks.

15. Now that all is done you can begin adding fish to your aquarium. Start off small don't buy a ton of fish at once. You will need to buy one or two so that your aquarium cycle can slowly start to begin. Once your aquarium becomes established and the nitrogen cycle working effectively you can slowly add more fish to your aquarium.

Remember never over stock an aquarium! Overcrowding fish tanks causes stress in fish, bad water quality and fish diseases to occur. Low numbers, proper aquarium maintenance and properly working equipment will lead to a healthy aquarium and safe for fish. Now that your done setting up your aquarium, you can now enjoy the hobby!


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Choosing An Aquarium For You

By Jamie Boyle

When getting into the aquarium hobby, you need to buy and choose the right aquarium for you. People need to think of their budget and what they can afford and also the size and space available for your new aquarium. The aquarium or fish tank is where your fish will be living. A good suggestion for new aquarium hobby seekers is to buy a small tank and see if you like it. Grow with your hobby and see if you like it then invest later on into a bigger aquarium.

Now when buying an aquarium you need to think ahead of yourself. You need to know where you will be placing your aquarium, you will need a stand strong enough to support the weight of the tank and the water in it. Water is really heavy, you need something to be able to support it. You will also need a light and other aquarium equipment such as filters and air pumps. The bigger the aquarium you choose the bigger aquarium filters and aquarium pumps you will need. Think of this before and don't be pushed into spending more then you can afford at pet stores, sometimes going smaller and seeing if you like it is the best thing you can do. Some aquarium packs that include all your accessories, pump, filter, hosing, aquarium gravel etc.. which also includes an aquarium stand can cost a $1000 or more. It would be a shame spending that much money and in turn not like it. Start off small first and grow with your hobby as you learn to enjoy it and you gain more knowledge and information in the hobby.

Once you've done choosing the right aquarium for you now you can learn how to set up your new aquarium. That's the fun part as you get everything all set up for you new goldfish or koi or tropical fish that you will be adding to it. Kids love fish and they will enjoy it too so make it a family event setting up your new tank they will love it.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish and Aquarium Guy